Global Import/Export Compliance is a continuously changing world of laws, regulations, requirements and evolving business needs.   With 35+ years of experience working with all size companies, I can assist companies to meet their needs with a strategic plan which identifies and solves their unique challenges, keeping an eye on their future business needs and cost saving opportunities.

  • Developing a global and/or US import and/or export compliance program
  • Identifying areas of improvement in company policies and procedures
  • Providing understanding of regulations and requirements
  • Providing training, customized to each company’s needs
  • US import classification and foreign classification program development
  • Developing Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) compliance programs – to maximize cost savings, accuracy and minimize risks with government audits
  • Government audit preparations –  US and FTA foreign
  • Country of Origin determination – understanding how laws are different between countries and how to adapt your process
  • Incoterms Training – understanding terms, why they are critical ( I trained under the US representative to the Int’l Chamber of Commerce, the governing body that determines all incoterms) and when to use which term for your specific advantage
  • Guidance to Duty Drawback program and selection of outside resources
  • Guidance on International Trade Software and selection
  • Managing Customs Brokers and KPI’s

Cost Savings

Learn What Your Opportunities Are for Saving Your Company Money When You Import or Export, such as:

  • Preparing for Government Audits in order to minimize the risk of fines, penalties or improvement plans that require the government to return and review your process improvements for compliance with their requests
  • Free Trade Agreement structures
  • Duty Drawback programs
  • Selecting Specific Countries for manufacturing or packaging
  • Structuring your Exports to the right countries
  • How to Pay Your Foreign Vendors
  • Incoterms – Using them correctly
  • Classification/Tariff engineering


Training your personnel, from basics to specific areas, is part of our services.   All training will be customized to your needs and industry.   Below is a sample of the types of training we provide.

  • Audit Preparation – whether US Customs or Foreign Govts audits of your FTA qualifications and backup
  • Classifications – using either the Harmonized Tariff Schedule or Schedule B
  • Cost Savings – How to avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Country of Origin – Determination and Marking Requirements, by country and commodity
  • Customs Brokers – Managing the relationship and developing thorough KPI’s (Key Performance Indictators)
  • Duty Drawback – Types and How to Utilize
  • Exporting – Basics, Intermediate
  • Foreign Imports – How these requirements affect your ability to export, by country and commodity
  • Foreign Vendor Payment options
  • Free Trade Agreements – How to qualify products for each FTA
  • Global Import/Export Program – How to develop and determine what is best for your organization
  • Importing – Basics, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Incoterms – Selecting what is most advantageous for your needs
  • Landed Cost – How to determine a full landed cost
  • Performance Metrics – How to develop metrics to understand the performance of your service providers
  • Regulatory Agencies – Understand their requirements and meet them
  • Standard Operating Procedures – how to develop SOP’s for personnel use
  • Valuation – Managing Assists, Royalties and other Value requirements
  • Website Design – How to design an effective internal import/export website for company personnel use
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Diane is an import/export expert par excellence. Her knowledge and expertise are highly sought by peers and associates. I am excited that she is now available as a consultant and I can access her considerable skills again. I have no doubt she will save my company money and time whenever I choose to use her.

Lane Burtz, Nerium
formerly Vice President of Purchasing, Contract Manufacturing, Packaging, Global Import/Export Compliance and International Transportation, Mary Kay Inc.