• U.S. Customs Focused Assessment Audit

    Directed corporate preparation for and response to audit. Audit Findings: Perfect Results, no fines, penalties or improvement plans

  • Mexican NAFTA Audit

    Direct corporate preparation for and response to the audit. Audit Findings: Perfect Results, no fines, penalties or improvement plans. Mexico Int'l Trade Attorney stated it was the cleanest and most organized audit in her years of experience.

  • US Dept. of Commerce

    At the invitation of the US Dept. of Commerce, participated as 1 of the representatives in a meeting with foreign country representatives for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Free Trade Agreement negotiations in 2012 in Dallas, TX.

  • US Trade FTA negotiator

    Spearheaded changes to future FTA's which benefited the cosmetic industry. Through Washington DC Personal Care Products Council, my FTA proposals were submitted to and adopted by US Trade FTA negotiator.

  • Free Trade Agreements

    Invited by the Secretary of Commerce, White House, to participate in conference calls on Free Trade Agreements

  • Internal import/export website

    Designed Fortune 1000 company's internal import/export website, with data and training available globally.

  • Best Practices

    Developed "Best Practices" for Global Import/Export Customs Compliance Program through research and benchmarking with 35 companies. The program was implemented by Fortune 1,000 company.

Speaking Engagements

  • Global Chamber of Commerce

    Women in Global Business

  • U.S. - China Chamber of Commerce

    Business Leaders Summit - Logistics and Compliance

  • University of Texas at Dallas

    The profession of Global Import/Export Compliance, both to undergraduate and graduate classes

  • University of North Texas

    Importance of Strategic Relationships in Being
    Successful in Global Import/Export Compliance and Any Career

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Exchange

    C-Suite & Top Management only - (Chicago, IL) - Global Import/Export Compliance Benchmarking, Research and the Results

  • North Texas District Export Council

    Challenges of Exporting Globally; Exporting to Brazil; Export University - the Basics of Exporting; Importing into Russia/Ukraine/Kazkhstan/Moldova; US Exporting; Managing Global Trade from the Trenches; and more

  • Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

    Global Import/Export Compliance Programs

  • American Conference Institutes

    Doing Business in China - (San Francisco, CA); Doing Business in India and Brazil (San Francisco, CA); Global Import/Export Compliance (Washington DC); US Importing (Washington DC)

  • ICPA Annual Conferences

    Developing a Company's Internal Compliance Website; Doing Business in South America

  • International Trade Center

    Teaching all size companies in the US Import education series for 14 years

  • OWIT

    Assists/Added Values to US Imports; Outsourcing global import compliance; Keys to US Import Success; Free Trade Agreements; Compliance and 3PL's; also coordinated multiple other presentations with Sue Ann Linneman, DFW U.S. Customs Assistant Port Director.

  • Export Roundtable

    BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China; Global Economy; Controlling Costs of Production Through International Sourcing; Basics of Exports: Setting up an Import/Export Compliance Strategy

  • NEC Corporation

    US Export Best Practices

  • Free Trade Alliance

    Doing Business in Latin America

  • Richland College

    Global Import/Export Compliance, What We Do and Why

  • Institute of Supply Chain Management

    International Sourcing and Import/Export Regulations

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